Robert Schneiders

      Robert Schneiders

I was research assistant with W. Oberschelp at the Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mathematik, insbesondere Informatik. My interests are in mesh generation, finite element methods, cfd, simulation of metal forming processes and multiscale techniques. I specialize on the generation of hexahedral element meshes, and I wrote my PhD thesis on this topic. I also do some consulting in the mesh generation field.

Listed below are examples of the research stuff I am currently working on.

  • An algorithm for the generation of hexahedral element meshes

  • New example meshes (octree-based, unstructured hexahedral)

  • Examples of meshes (grid-based) for various geometries

  • Simulation of the cold forging of a steel part (with Rolf Bünten, Institut für Bildsame Formgebung)

  • An interesting open problem

  • Octree-based generation of hexahedral element meshes
  • Together with Wolfgang Dahmen (IGPM) I participate in the SFB 1580 "Strömungsbeeinflussung und Strömungs-Struktur-Wechselwirkung an Tragflügeln", an interdisciplinary research project on CFD where we will do the grid generation job. We are looking for a Ph.D. student who wants to work with us, so if you are interested, please let me know (click here for a job description). Besides that we do some work on wavelets, a field where Wolfgang Dahmen is a well-known expert.

    I maintain a WWW-page with general information on mesh generation (people, books, conferences etc.). Another interesting web site is the Meshing Research Corner, a comprehensive database with literature on mesh generation, maintained by Steve Owen.

    Together with Eberhard Baensch and Jürgen Bey I organize a summerschool on data structures and grid generation (Harburger Sommerschulen on numerical software).

    I am also involved in a joint project with the LIWW (institute for hydrology) on numerical simulation of free surface flow where Reinhard Kowalski works on numerical methods and Irmgard Dittrich does the mesh generation job.

    I am associated member of the interdisciplinary Postgraduate College Informatics and Technology. I am a member of SIAM and a reader of IEEE Computational Science & Engineering.

    Some publications:

    1. Robert Schneiders, Jürgen Debye (1994): Refinement Algorithms for Unstructured Quadrilateral or Brick Element Meshes. Proceedings IMA Workshop on Modeling, Mesh Generation and Adaptive Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations.
    2. Robert Schneiders: Automatic generation of hexahedral element meshes. Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Meshing Roundtable, October 16-17, 1995 Albuquerque, New Mexico

    3. Robert Schneiders: A grid-based algorithm for the generation of hexahedral element meshes. Engineering with Computers (1996).

    4. R. Schneiders, R. Schindler and F. Weiler: Octree-based Generation of Hexahedral Element Meshes. Proceedings 5th International Meshing Roundtable, Pittsburgh, USA (1996)

    5. R. Schneiders: Refining Quadrilateral and Hexahedral Element Meshes. Proceedings NUMIGRID 96, Eds. B.K. Soni, J.F. Thompson, J. Haeuser and P. Eiseman, ISBN 0-9651627-0-2, pp. 679-689 (1996)

    6. Ko-Foa Tchon, Charles Hirsch and Robert Schneiders: Octree-Based Hexahedral Mesh Generation for Viscous Flow Simulations. Proceedings 13th AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, Snowmass, CO (1997)

    7. Robert Schneiders: Algorithmen zur Generierung von Vierecks- und Hexaedernetzen. Proceedings der Sommerschule über Gittergenerierung und Datenstrukturen, 8.-12.9.97, TU Hamburg-Harburg.

    Other research groups working on the generation of hexahedral element meshes:

  • QUB finite element group at Queen's University of Belfast: Medial axis, medial surfaces and hex meshing.

  • The CUBIT mesh generation project uses an advancing front approach for hex meshing (plastering algorithm). There is a group at SANDIA (Albuquerque) and at BYU. Hex>

  • At Cray Research the group of Reza Taghavi developes the HEXAR system for the generation of hexahedral element meshes.

  • Research at the University of Wisconsin: Generation of hexahedral meshes from solid models.

  • George Turkiyyah, Mark A. Ganter and Duane W. Storti, University of Washington, work on skeleton-based hexahedral element mesh generation.

  • Hao Chen works on the quadrilateral and hexahedral mesh generation based on 1D and 2D skeletons.

  • Harald Kasper, Institute for Fluid Mechanics, University of Hannover, works on mesh generation for the ROCKFLOW groundwater simulation package.

  • Finite element mesh generation at Colorado State University: Advancing front graded quadrilateral and hexahedral meshing.

  • Meshing research at CAOR: Valerie Mounoury works on hex meshing by semantical analysis, Olivier Stab works on tet meshing by boolean operations.

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