Simulation of the cold forging of a steel part

The following pictures show the results of the finite-element-simulation of a cold forging process. The simulation was done by Rolf Buenten (Institut fuer Bildsame Formgebung, RWTH Aachen) with the FEM-program LARSTRAN as a contribution to a benchmark test whose results have been presented at the conference "Metal Forming in Industry", Baden-Baden 1994. The simulation was done with the help of the automatic remeshing algorithm.

The cold forging process is done in two steps. First a cylindrical preform is deformed by using the upper die shown in the next picture (the simulation area can be reduced due to the symmetry properties of the forming process).

The desired shape is achieved with the upper die shown in the next picture. Due to the large plastic deformation mesh distortion occured about ten times; each time an automatic remeshing was performed.

The last picture shows the distribution of equivalent strain in the steel part.

Robert Schneiders 23. Februar 1995