Robert Schneiders

      Dr. Robert Schneiders
      MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH
      Kackertstr. 11
      52072 Aachen
      email: (office)
      phone: +49-241-88901-13
      fax: +49-241-88901-60

I have been working for MAGMA since 1997. At MAGMA, we work on the MAGMASOFT package, a suite of programs that allows for the simulation of casting processes. My field is mesh generation and postprocessing.

In the years before I was research assistant at the Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mathematik, insbesondere Informatik at RWTH Aachen ("RWTH" means "rhenanian-westphalian technical university"). My interests were in mesh generation, finite element methods, cfd, simulation of metal forming processes and multiscale techniques. I specialized on the generation of hexahedral element meshes, and I wrote my PhD thesis on this topic. Please check my old homepage for more information.

I maintain a WWW-page with general information on mesh generation (people, books, conferences etc.). If you are interested in mesh generation, it might help you.

Some publications:

  • Algorithms for Quadrilateral and Hexahedral Mesh Generation. Proceedings of the VKI Lecture Series on Computational Fluid Dynamic, 20-24 March 2000. VKI-LS 2000-4.

  • Octree-based hexahedral mesh generation. International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications, Vol. 10, n6 4, pp. 383-398, 2000, special issue on mesh generation.
  • Personal stuff:

  • I enjoy living with my family. We like hiking, making music and going to nearby Belgium.

  • My favourite activity is making music. I play trumpet and sometimes take lessons from Rosario Macaluso in Liege, a city I like very much. Rosario is the conductor of our brass ensemble Korneliusbläser. I also play in the Stolberger Sing- und Spielgemeinschaft.

  • For vacation, I like hiking, especially in the alps, in Südtirol and Trentino.

  • And my favourite soccer team is Alemannia Aachen!

    Robert Schneiders