Vladimir Liseikin - Publications

            Main Publications


1.  Liseikin V.D., Petrenko V.E. Adaptive-Invariant   Method for  the
Numerical Solution of Problems with Boundary and Interior  Layers, Comput.
C., Novosibirsk, 1989, (Russian)

2.  Liseikin V.D.  Grid Generation Methods. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg,

3.  Liseikin  V.D. Ordinary Differential Equations and Calculus of
Variations , Novosibirsk 2000

          Surveys of Grid Techniques

1.  Liseikin V.D. Technology for Generation of 3-dimensional Grids    for
Problems in Aerodynamics. Voprosy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki:
    Seria Matematicheskoe Modelirovanie Fizicheskikh Protsessov, Vol.3,
P.31-45, 1991, (Russian)

2.  Liseikin V.D. Survey of Grid Generation Technology. Advanced
    Mathematics: Computations and Applications, Novosibirsk, P.511-517, 1995

3.  Liseikin V.D.  Construction of Structured  Adaptive Grids- a Review.
Comput. Maths. Math. Phys. Vol.36, No1, pp.1-32, 1996

       Variational Grid  Methods Based on  Functionals
            of Adaptavity and Regularity

1.  Liseikin V.D., Yanenko N.N. The Method of Moving Coordinates   in Fluid
Dynamics. Chisl. Met. Mech. Spl. Sr. 7, 2, P.75-82,   1976 (Russian)

2.  Yanenko N.N., Danaev N.T., Liseikin V.D. On a Variational Method for
Generating Grids. Chisl. Met. Mech. Spl. Sr. 8, 4, P.157-163, 1977 (Russian)

3.  Yanenko N.N., Liseikin V.D., Kovenya V.M., Fomin V.M., Vorozhtsov E.V.
On Some Methods for the Numerical Simulation of Flows with Complex
Structure. Comput. Meth. Appl. Mech.
    Eng. 17/18, P.659-671, 1979

     Grid Generation by Minimization of Truncation Error

1.  Liseikin V.D. and Yanenko N.N. On the Choice of Optimal
    Numerical Grids. Chisl. Met. Mech. Spl. Sr. 8, 7, P.100-104,
    1977 (Russian)

             Diffusion-Adaptation Method

1.  Danaev N.T., Liseikin V.D., Yanenko N.N. On the Numerical
    Solution of External Flows Around a Rotated Body Using Moving
    Curvilinear Coordinates.  Chisl. Met. Mech. Spl. Sr. 11, 1,    P.51-61,
1980 (Russian)

             Algebraic Grid Generation

1.  Liseikin V.D., Petrenko V.E. On Numerical Solution of  Nonlinear
Singularly-Perturbed Problems. Soviet. Math. Dokl., 1988, Vol.36, No3,

2.  Liseikin V.D., Petrenko V.E. On Numerical Solution of a Quasilinear
Singularly Perturbed Equation with a Turning  Point. Soviet. Math. Dokl.,
1989, Vol.38, No2, pp.351-355

3.  Liseikin V.D. The Use of Special Transformations for the    Numerical
Solution of Problems with Boundary Layers, Zh.  Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz.,
1990, Vol.30, No1, pp.58-71 (Russian)

4.  Liseikin, V.D. Algebraic adaptation based on stretching   functions.
Russ. J. Numer. Anal. Math. Modelling, 1998,  Vol.13, No4, p.307-324

5.  Liseikin, V.D. Method of algebraic adaptation. J. Comput. Maths. Math.
Physics,  1998, Vol.38, No10, 1692-1709 (Russian)

   Adaptive Methods Based on Generation of Uniform Grids on Hypersurfaces

1.  Liseikin V.D.The Construction of Regular Grids on
    n-Dimensional  Surfaces. Comput. Maths. Math. Phys., Vol.31, No11,
pp.47-57, 1991

2.  Liseikin V.D. On a Variational Method of Generating Adaptive
    Grids on n-Dimensional Surfaces. Soviet Math. Dokl. 1992, Vol.44, No1,

3.  Liseikin V.D. On Some Interpretations of a Smoothness Functional Used in
Generating Regular and Adaptive Grids,
    Russ. J. Numer. Math. Modelling, Vol.8, No6, P.453-462, 1993

4.  Liseikin V.D., Petrenko V.E. On Analytical and Numerical Investigations
of the Projection Method for Generation of
    Adaptive Grids. Computational Technologies, Novosibirsk, Vol.3,    No9,
P.108-120, 1994 (Russian)

5.  Liseikin V.D.Adaptive Grid Generation on the Basis of
    Smoothness Functional.Numer.Grid Generation in CFD, Proc.5th.
    Int. Conf. MSU, 1996, Vol.2, pp.1131-1140

         Qualitative and Numerical Analysis
         of Boundary and Interior Layers

1.  Liseikin, V.D. On the numerical solution of
    singularly-perturbed equations with a turning point.
    J. Comput. Math. Math. Phys., 1984, Vol.24, No12, 1812--1818
    (Russian) [English transl.: USSR Comput. Math. and Math. Phys.,  24,

2.  Liseikin, V.D. On the numerical solution of equations
    with a power boundary layer. J. Comput. Math. Math. Phys., 1986, Vol.26,
No12, 1813--1820 (Russian)

3.  Liseikin, V.D., Petrenko, V.E. Adaptive invariant
    method for solving aerodynamics problems with a small parameter
    affecting the higher derivatives. In: Proceedings of Soviet
    Union-Japan Symposium on CFD, 1989, Comp. Cent. USSR Acad. Sci.,
    Moscow,   vol.2, pp. 184-190

4.  Liseikin, V.D. Estimates for derivatives of solutions to  differential
equations with boundary and interior layers.  Siberian. Math. Journal, 1993,
July, 1039-1050

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