Grid Generation Methods

V.D. Liseikin
ISBN 3-540-65686-3

The book "Grid Generation Methods" by Vladimir D. Liseikin (ISSN 1434-8322; ISBN 3-540-65686-3 Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 1999, 362pp.) is an introduction to structured and unstructured grid methods. The emphasis is put on mathematical formulations, substantiations, and discussions of theoretical aspects of grid generation. Basic local and integral grid quality measures are described and new approaches to mesh generation are reviewed. Appropriate attention is also given to stretching and variational techniques developed by the author for the treatment of equations with singularities. Grid generation based on the minimization of functionals of smoothness, conformality, orthogonality, energy, and alignment is discussed. The book addresses both scientists and graduate students, and practitioners in scientific computing.

Table of Contents:

 1.  General Considerations
 2.  Coordinate Transformations
 3.  Grid Quality Measures
 4.  Stretching Method
 5.  Algebraic Grid Generation
 6.  Grid Generation Through Differential Systems
 7.  Dynamic Adaptation
 8.  Variational Methods
 9.  Curve and Surface Grid Methods
 10. Comprehensive Method
 11. Unstructured Methods

Robert Schneiders, Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mathematik, insbesondere Informatik,