Related Topics

There are a number of good web pages with information on fields related to mesh generation:

  • CFD online: A comprehensive list with cfd-related information, maintained by Jonas Larsson.

  • Information on computational fluid dynamics: ICEM CFD maintains a mirror site of Tomasz Plewa's CFD codes list, a CFD books list and a CFD home pages list.

  • CFD Review is a news/support/information clearinghouse for the CFD community. It is a place where the CFD community can learn about the latest developments in CFD technology, post questions, and generally help each other out.

  • The Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library is the UK gateway to engineering resources on the internet.

  • The Internet Finite Element Resources page (from Roger Young and Ian McPhedron) describes and provides access to FE software via the Internet.

  • Dermot Monaghan's FEM Portal has plenty FE related information.

  • Jaroslav Mackerle maintains a large database on finite element books.

  • Numerical Objects' PDE Portal is a searchable and categorized index to several hundreds of high quality web sites focusing on technologies for partial differential equations.

  • For information on scientific computing in Germany (Ulrich Ruede's page) click here.

  • MGNet is a repository for information related to multigrid, multilevel, multiscale, aggregation, defect correction, and domain decomposition methods, maintained by Craig Douglas.

  • Rubin Landau collects links on computational physics pages in the computational science reading list.

  • Geometry in action, a treasure of information on computational geometry and it's applications, is maintained by David Eppstein. Also take a look at his Geometry Junkyard!

  • Jeffe Ericksson's computational geometry pages, a large collection of pointers to the computational geometry world.

  • Nina Armenta maintains the directory of computational geometry software.

  • What's New in Geometry & Image Processing by Alexander G. Belyaev.

  • The Voronoi Web Site has been established to encourage communication between those workers (academic or commercial, users or developers), using Voronoi or Delaunay methods of spatial analysis.

  • Paul Heckbert has a collection of links on mesh generation and on multiresolution modeling modeling, surface simplification and terrain modeling.

  • The POV-Ray 3D Resource page is a collection of links to web pages dealing with 3D graphics.

  • Piyush Kumar has set up a web link collection on surface reconstruction from unorganized point sets.

  • The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository is a good place to find implementation-related information.

  • The Finite Elements Corner is a source of information on the application of finite element methods to electromagnetics.
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    Robert Schneiders